pure lonolin

Pure Lanolin $25

Foot Balm: For dry skin

jawoongo soap

Jawoongo Soap $10

For skin (Dry, atopy, acne)

Good for every skin problem

chengbigo balm

Cheongbigo Balm

$15 (Tin 0.5 oz) $10 (Stick)

For sinus congestion (Chinese Herb-Natural)

evening primrose nose balm

Evening Primrose Nose Balm


For sinus congestion (+Herb oil- Natural)

peppermint lip balm

Peppermint Lip Balm + Chinese Herb


Cooling lip balm

atopy balm

Atopy Balm $20

(Chinese Herb-Natural)

Seven Herbs Tea

5 Tea Bags for $20

Each tea bag can be reused 3 times

Try this unique blend of seven herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This delicious tea provides incredible benefits.

Used for: Stress, anxiety, indigestion, stomach pain, and insomnia

Herbs Included:




Raisin Tree

Goji Berries

Spiny Seeds


Organic Mistletoe Tea $25

While most of us think of Mistletoe for it's uncanny ability to catch two people in a kiss during the holiday season, we often miss the health benefits that come from actually consuming it.

Korean Mistletoe helps with: arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, neuralgia, constipation, and has anti-cancer properties.

The high quality Mistletoe used in this tea is grown and dried naturally without adding artificial ingredients.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Prices vary by individuals

Consultation is needed as ingredients and effects vary.

*Requires customization for different body types and use cases.

If you are inquiring about herbal medicines, please be advised that medicines are by acupuncturist's recommendation only.

​You will need a consultation for these herbal medicines.

Prices will vary, based on amount needed and condition.

*Free consultation, prices only include the products*

**Please Call to make an appointment!**

Pre-diet & Detox Pills

* Prices vary by individuals

This medicine is effective for clearing out fecal stasis, bacteria, speeding up digestion, and improving overall skin conditions.

On Baeg Won is not a simple digestive medicine, but also helps with blood circulation in the lower abdomen.

For dietary results, use for one week.

NOTE: Depending on the individual, following results may cause liquid diarrhea and/or other form of defecation to clear out the digestive system.

For health-based results that require extended results, use for two weeks.

Diet Pills

* Prices vary by individuals

By ridding the body of negative energy (chi), it helps the body feel lighter and less tense. This medicine drains the body of certain body fluids that cause overall heaviness.

Conditions that involve sinus infections, heavy eyes, and certain skin conditions (epidermis, acne) also benefit from these diet pills.

NOTE: Following results may cause frequent urination to clear the system.

For dietary results, use plan for a 1-month period with a diet-based nutrition plan.

If suffering from bloating or stomach feels cold, use the above pre-diet detox medicine Pre-diet & Detox Pills first, 1 week prior to Diet Pills, to prepare the body more thoroughly for the next step.

Lower Body Harmony Pill

* Prices vary by individuals

This medicine is effective for treating muscles, joints, headaches, and blood clots. It also helps relieve swelling and edema in the hips and legs. Sciatica, gout, cramps, and muscle tension/stiffness. All these conditions are met with the effects of this medicine due to improved fluid circulation and relieved inflammation, resulting in overall decreased pain levels.

When pain increases in the middle of the night, the pill will come to your aid.

NOTE: While using this medicine, avoid alcohol, flour, and cold food at all costs.

Under normal circumstances, use plan for a single cycle of 3 weeks, followed by a 1-week break period.

Pain Reliever

* Prices vary by individuals

In Korea, individuals who suffer from conditions such as injuries from car accidents or prolonged pain conditions after major surgeries use this pain reliever as a substitute for antibiotics. When injuries swell up or bones break, this medicine helps increase blood circulation and clears blood clots, which results in overall decreased pain levels.

This pain reliever has been known to be especially helpful for cancer patients.

Under normal circumstances, use plan for a single cycle of 3 weeks, followed by a 1-week break period.

Better Balance Pill

* Prices vary by individuals

This medicine is effective for menopause, autonomic imbalance, fever & burning in hands and feet, PMS, anxiety, moodiness, and fatigue. It also helps relieve pain and stress in shoulders and lower torso areas.

By balancing the hormones, the pill improves blood circulation and stabilizes energy levels, which also yields drastic increase in digestive functions.

In addition, this medicine releases enzymes which clean the blood system and stabilizes body temperatures to prevent fevers, thereby releasing tension and stress.